Friday, July 27, 2012

Things You Might See in Nanchang, China

1. A gorgeous sunset at the Square

2. The elderly practicing Taiji, a slower form of Kung Fu similar to Yoga
in it's goal of peace of mind.

3. The Emergency Room with all your neighbors.

 4. Funny little signs translated by a computer

5. Sports equipment saleswomen sleeping on treadmills - a strong selling point!

6. Obama's Bike! really, his name is on that thing!

7. A bike with no room for Obama

8. Split Pants

9. Change. A subway is being built so they are closing the underground walkways for construction. Thus the overhead walkways.

10. Modernization: Western brands are everywhere. 
Can you guess what is going in next to that KFC?  

Jodi guessed it. A Starbucks is coming. I was days from seeing it's opening. I have been hearing rumors about a Starbucks in Nanchang for six years and now it will come and I won't be around for it. Ridiculous!


jodi said...

awesome blog about nanchang.. i miss that city! let me guess, a starbucks?!?!

chinadventure said...

Yes! You win!

Andy said...

The Starbucks is now built! The sign's out front and everything. It just has yet to open.