Friday, August 03, 2012

Cleaning Up and Setting Off

I have enjoyed giving U of M paraphernalia to my Chinese friends here in at Jiangxi Normal University. It is a good way to share a part of home with them. There have also been a lot of teachers here from the state of Michigan and State fans far outnumber me. However there are FAR more people walking around campus supporting Michigan!!!

Saying goodbye to one of the teachers that we have gotten to know best.

There was this pile of stuff that sat at the foot of my bed all year long because it was left here by a friend who was too lazy to do it himself. So it sat there in bitterness because 1) I didn't want to do it 2) Although it looked hideous it didn't take up much space 3) I HATE going to the post office and being told that I can't send stuff and usually not understanding why they are telling me that 4) I knew I couldn't do it by myself. 
We ended up getting a 3-wheeled vehicle to carry it over for us.

 Double-bagged and weighed at the post office with the guys who helped me out.

 One of the best things about being a teacher is that your students end up everywhere. I went through Shanghai on my way home so I was able to meet up with Jenny, one of my non-English Major students there. She's working as something like an accountant/financial advisor. When she was in Nanchang she and a few other students always hunted for awesome restaurants and then we would all go together when they found a great one. So I knew it was a given that we would have great food. This time it was Hong Kong cuisine and so amazing.

Traveling light: I donated almost all of my stuff to the incoming teachers for next year and sent home a bag and two boxes, each about the size of my carry on here. Not bad for 6-years worth of stuff! Thus I was able to head to Europe for three weeks with no checked baggage.

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