Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Phone Pics

I finally have a phone that is capable of taking pictures. However I don't connect it to my computer very often so I forget that I have them. Here are a few that I took before I came back to the states.

I can't remember exactly where this picture was taken but the Chinese tendency to be extremely flowery makes for some interesting translations.

Fish, Blooming Onion style. Sweet and sour fish is excellent if served without all the tiny bones. This one was scrumptious. They take and flip the whole fish inside-out and then cut it up like this. I'm not sure how they get the flour coating/breading on it without taking it apart.

Some students in a discussion group with the weather warming up. We had so much rain this year. I heard that it flooded in Nanchang City the week I left. Around 550 people have died in China from flooding this year. It was much cooler this Spring because it rained about 5 days every week.

I was eating on the 2nd floor of the 1st cafeteria (there are 4 cafeterias on campus) and I noticed for the first time that this sign was a little funny. Cafeteria 1 is the cleanest and furthest from my apartment and it also has my favorite restaurant on the 3rd floor...mostly because of its sweet & sour pork.
It should read "Exit."

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